TRR’s Year End Splash Party

Last month I decided to join The Romance Reviews (TRR) Year End SplashParty.  It goes from November 1st through the 30th and there are hundreds of prizes for romance readers. I filled out the form to provide all the information they needed for my book “Dancing in the Sand”.  Then they asked for a question with  multiple choice answers relating to my book so participants in the game could win a prize. I came up with the question, included three possible answers along with the correct one and sent it off. I was then supposed to post on my blog or Facebook page telling readers the answer.

Easy, right? If I had done what I had intended, and wrote up the blurb that day, everything would have been fine. But work and other commitments detained me and before I knew it, it was November and I hadn’t posted anything. So, I sat down at my desk last weekend to get the job done.  The problem was, I had no recollection of my question.

I will tell you right now that Ava’s mother left her family to become a choreographer for a popular television dance show. But before I could tell you that, I had to email Carole at TRR and explain the error of my ways while apologizing for asking her to find my submission amongst the hundreds of others so she could remind me of my question. Thank you, Carole and to all you readers. I promise this lesson has been learned.   

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