The Day Is Fast Approaching…

The day is fast approaching – the day I’ve been waiting for. My contemporary romance, “Unchained Memories” is being released on Kindle on September 25, 2013. (It will be available on other e-book readers and in print on January 17, 2014.) Although it has taken me years to get here, once I signed the contract with The Wild Rose Press in June of this year, things have been happening at lightning speed.  I completed my edits in August and learned of my limited release date on Kindle in the beginning of September, which gave me three weeks to get my website redesigned, work with the cover artist for the book, and figure out how to use Facebook and Twitter.  I’m not so sure I’ve conquered the social media arena yet, but I’ll keep at it.

The road leading up to this day has been long, but fun and exciting. I decided I wanted to try to write a book about fifteen years ago.  Being an avid reader, I got the brilliant idea one night while reading a Danielle Steele novel, that I could do that. The problem was, I didn’t know where to begin.  Should I take a class in creative writing, learn how to use Word Processing, start with an outline or just begin writing and hope for the best?  Fortuitously, an announcement for a seminar landed on my desk at work. Instead of the usual family law topics, this one was called “How to Write Your Book in 14 Days – A Lawyer’s Guide!!!”  I signed up immediately, along with about two hundred other lawyers who wanted to be authors, and that was the best four hours I ever spent in a seminar. Of course, I did not end up writing a book in fourteen days, but it got me started.

The first two manuscripts I wrote will probably never see the light of day, although who knows.  The third manuscript, titled “Weekend Diaries” won First Place in New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book contest in the Long Contemporary Category.  From there I found an agent and believed I was on my way.  Not so.  The manuscript was never sold and I still go back and work on it from time to time, it being my favorite story. Since then I wrote two more books, one of which was “Unchained Memories.”

I am thrilled to experience a happy ending to my journey, although it is far from over.  I am currently working on a manuscript called “Dancing in the Sand” and hope to get it published in the not too distant future.       

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