Red Velvet Crinkles and Christmas Sprinkles

With the holidays getting closer, it’s time to get into the spirit. I usually begin by watching Hallmark Christmas movies (which now start before Halloween). I also like to read holiday-themed books. This year my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, decided to do a Christmas Cookie Series – short holiday stories with a cookie theme. Since I had never written a holiday book before, I put a proposal together and it was accepted. And that’s how “Red Velvet Crinkles and Christmas Sprinkles” came to life.

In writing the story, I brought some of my characteristics to Bella, the heroine. I’m a terrible cook but that’s because I don’t really care about food. On the other hand, I like to bake (although I’m not the best at that either). I’m a little casual with my measurements and the difference between wet and dry measuring cups is lost on me. But I love to eat the batter as well as the finished product. Bella wants to help her parents’ local gift shop succeed, so she convinces them to turn it into a cookie cottage. Her marketing idea is to have videos made of her and her mom baking, with her making her usual mistakes.  You wouldn’t believe how many easy errors you could make in baking cookies. It was a fun story to write and in honor of the book, I baked red velvet crinkles for the first time last week.

And they were delicious.

In getting into the Christmas spirit, I hope you’ll consider reading this reunion story of enemies to lovers. It’s a heartwarming holiday romance with small-town comfort and joy.

This book is available at all the major ebook sites.  Here is the link.