In addition to writing fiction, I also speak to local groups and book clubs.

Book Clubs

If you are in the area, I would be happy to come to your book club in person to discuss my latest release (or any of my books). If you live further away, I can appear by video. Just fill out the form under "Contact" on this website and I will get back to you.


Below is a list of my Presentation Topics.

From Divorce Lawyer to Romance Author – Following Your Dream

I will take you through my journey from law school, to representing highly contentious and emotional divorce clients, to my current writing and speaking career. Perhaps it will inspire you to follow your dream.

Why Read Romance - Why Write Romance

Popular romance fiction has been the single biggest market force in contemporary U.S. publishing for decades, and there is a reason for that. I will discuss what you, as a reader, will experience through this genre, as well as why I, as a former divorce lawyer, chose to write romance as my second career.

Mistakes I've Made in Writing

Crafting a good book takes a lot of time, expertise, and persistance. I will share with you the mistakes I made throughout my fifteen years as an author with a view toward helping you avoid those same mistakes.

A Year in the Life of a Writer

Taking a story from idea to published novel is not an easy task but it’s worth it to see your book in print. I will cover my process from vague concept through creation of characters, plotting, blueprinting, writing and editing.

What It Takes to Write a Novel

The three “P’s” of writing success are Process, Patience and Persistance. I will discuss how each of these elements contributes to a published novel (or any other goal).

How to Plot Your Story

My writing process, which starts with an in-depth outline or blueprint of the entire book, will make those of you who are linear thinkers ecstatic and those of you who are pantsers willing to try it another way.

Lawyers as Characters, Lawsuits as Plot Points

Lawyers make interesting characters and I have worked with and against dozens of them to give you insight into their general traits. Lawsuits also engage characters in high conflict which is instrumental in keeping the tension up. I will discuss the many types of lawsuits that can make your novel a page-turner.

Finding Balance

There isn’t enough time in the day for career, family, volunteering and hobbies. Find out how I managed my time to include a well-established career as a matrimonial attorney in my community, sat on non-profit boards and wrote romance novels, all while raising my family.

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