New York City – The Setting for “Dancing in the Sand”

There are eighteen days till my launch date and I’m thinking of New York City, which is it’s own character in the novel. I love New York. The electricity of millions of people walking the streets is so vibrant, you can feel it in your bones. Ever since I was a young girl and watched “That Girl” with Marlo Thomas, I wanted to be her–although I never aspired to be an actress. 

As soon as I graduated from college, I headed to the City and found a job as a paralegal on Park Avenue between 49th and 50th. I lived in a brownstone with a roommate on 85th and First and took advantage of the museums, ballet, theater and restaurants –at least to the extent my measly salary would allow. Back then, the Metropolitan Museum of Art didn’t charge a fee but suggested a donation.  If you didn’t have it, they would let you in anyway. Co-workers who had season tickets to the ballet always thought of me first if they couldn’t make it on any particular night, so I was the beneficiary of many performances. My girlfriend and I saw the second half of several plays because no one checks tickets after intermission. 

Ava Woodward, the heroine of “Dancing in the Sand”, attends NYU as a dance major in the beginning of the story. While I didn’t go to NYU, I frequented the area while at Fordham Law School (next to Lincoln Center) since I had friends who lived in the Village. 

The places Ava visits with Brian in the City, while not identifiable as a specific restaurant or theater, could be one of many places you may know. When they go to Brian’s sister’s dance performance, it’s at Lincoln Center.

I hope you’ll enjoy moving through New York City with Ava and Brian as much as I loved being there with them.

What’s your favorite place in NYC? 

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  1. I’m an introvert, so NYC overwhelms me, though I loved the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Maybe because it’s a quiet place with all that fabulous art. Best wishes on your upcoming book release!

  2. I think I’m too much of a “country girl” to ever feel comfortable in New York. Even though I grew up in St. Louis and it’s surrounding area, cities intimidate me. I live in a small-ish city in northeastern Colorado, about 30 miles from Denver. I almost NEVER go to Denver, and in fact, when events are held there that I might want to attend, I almost immediately say no. I get confused, anxious, and uncomfortable. Too many people, too many cars going too fast, too much noise. 🙂

    • It’s so interesting to hear from you country ladies. I grew up near Trenton, New Jersey and although it’s the capital of NJ I never felt there was anything fun to do. I couldn’t wait to experience New York. At one point I lived on the Upper West Dide and my father had driven in to pick me up for the Thanksgiving holiday. He wouldn’t even take off his jacket he was so anxious to get out of the big bad City. To each his own. While I still love the excitment of New York I’m equally as happy relaxing by a lake in the mountains (but just for a weekend).

  3. Maria,I Iive part-year on the Upper West Side and, in fact, my own last book, Dances of the Heart, also takes place partially in NYC. But I have to say, although I love the convenience of city life and all the places one can go, I much prefer my time out in Wyoming. Looks like you’ve got a bunch of country girls here! Good luck with the new book.


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