Guest Blogging

For the past two months I have been busy visiting other author blogs. During these visits, I have talked about the characters in UNCHAINED MEMORIES, my path to publishing, how my day job as a lawyer interfaces with writing romance novels and many other topics.  Below are the places I have visited along with dates, topics and links in case you would like to read them.

1/17/14     JM Stewart’s Website  – Favorite Hero Friday – Meet Dr. Clayton Montgomery, hero of UNCHAINED MEMORIES at

1/17/14     Lilly Gayle’s Website – An Interview with Dr. Clayton Montgomery

1/20/14     Babette James’ Website – An Interview with Charlotte Taylor, heroine of UNCHAINED MEMORIES

1/22/14    Angela Hayes Website – Author Interview

1/29/14 Barb Bettis’ Website – Author Interview

2/5/14 Rebecca Grace’s Website – My Writing Corner

2/6/14  Melissa Snark’s Website –  Book Spotlight

2/18/14 Jean Drew Adventures in Authorland – Interview

2/19/14 Melissa Snark’s Website – Scene Spotlight

2/22/14 Sandra Dailey’s Life’s a Beach – Author Interview

2/27/14 BTSemag – My path to publishing





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