Five Reasons to Read “Island Detour”

Reading any type of fiction takes you to a different world—a world where the characters live and work and survive. Picking up a book and falling into someone else’s life is a means of escape; something we could all use once and a while. So, I’m asking you to escape with me to Sophie and Max’s world. Here are five good reasons.

  1. You will experience the Florida Keys and more specifically the fictional Sunrise Island Key which is based on Key West. Along with the characters, you will kayak in the aqua waters surrounding the islands, experience the peacefulness and calmness of an early morning row boat excursion, or walk the sandy beaches under swaying palm trees at sunset when the colors of the sky are amazing. You will experience a camping trip in the pines, a snorkeling trip on a catamaran, and a day off in Key West.
  2. This story has two of my favorite tropes (and perhaps yours). It’s a fish out of water story, as well as an enemies to lovers story. Sophie is a buttoned-up prep school teacher from Princeton, who ends up at the Sunrise Island School for a semester. She doesn’t know how to swim, kayak, snorkel, camp or fish—all requirements of teachers who work there. The marine biology teacher, Max, has a huge problem with her being hired. The fireworks between them start at their very first meeting.
  3. There are plenty of twists and turns in this novel that will keep you turning the pages well past your bed time.
  4. Sophie and Max have a flammable chemistry both in and out of the bedroom. Max says it best. “We are extremely different in so many respects, and we both have enough baggage to fill an ocean liner. I know, intellectually, we should steer clear of each other.” But they can’t.
  5. This steamy romance will have you feeling the heat of Sophie’s and Max’s passion—and who doesn’t want to feel that!

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