Days 2-3 of my Audio Book Journey

I got through my twelve-part “Audio Books Made Easy” seminar with frowns and crossed eyes. However, Derek Doepker gives a written re-cap at the end of every lesson which I copied, saved and printed for future use when I forget everything he taught me.

The last piece of equipment, a music stand to hold my kindle while I’m recording, came in today. So I’m ready to start recording my novella, “A Song For Another Day” (sort of). I moved my laptop, microphone, headphones etc. into our closet – a small room, which is now my recording studio. I set everything up and then practiced a few pages- over and over. My voice doesn’t sound good to me. It’s kind of scratchy and annoying.  Hopefully, that’s not the way it will come off to my listeners.

I decided I needed to warm up those vocal chords so I went onto You Tube and did a ten minute vocal warming excercise. No one would want to hear that!  I then considered that my allergies were effecting my voice. I’m looking for any excuse here–so I took a Zyrtec.

Enough for today.  I need a break.