DAY THREE of Kindle Free Days – A Princeton attraction from UNCHAINED MEMORIES (Prospect House Gardens)

On any given stressful day during Charlotte’s time in Princeton in UNCHAINED MEMORIES, she would meander through the property behind Prospect House to call upon the peaceful and calming effect of the beautiful gardens.

Prospect House, once home to Princeton University Presidents, is now a private dining club for faculty and staff of the University. It has a beautiful glass dining room in the back which overlooks the gardens.

An array of trees (dating back to 1849), bushes, and plants populate the gardens. In 1849, an Englishman named Petrey, brought the Cedar of Lebanon, the Hawthorn and the Yew planted on the west side of the gardens. There are also Tulip trees and American Beech trees which are native to the area.

The flower garden was laid out in its present form by Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, whose husband was the President of Princeton University from 1904-1910. Apparently, during the Wilsons’ residency in Prospect House, students took short cuts across the gardens, and on one occasion, a rampaging football crowd trampled the grounds. As a result, the Wilsons erected an iron fence enclosing five acres.

Currently, the flowers are changed regularly throughout the growing season. Photos 1,2,and 3 in my Photo Gallery were taken in September, 2013.

RAFFLE QUESTION: If viewed from above, in what shape have the gardens been planted ?


5 thoughts on “DAY THREE of Kindle Free Days – A Princeton attraction from UNCHAINED MEMORIES (Prospect House Gardens)”

  1. It’s in the shape of Princeton’s university seal, and the paths from above look like the outline of the shield. I like botanical gardens, and I’d love to visit this one.


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