DAY ONE of Kindle Free Days – A Princeton Attraction from UNCHAINED MEMORIES



In UNCHAINED MEMORIES, Charlotte invites Clay to a play at Pendleton Theater. The inspiration for Pendleton Theater was McCarter Theater, a performing arts center at 91 University Place in Princeton. It was originally built in 1930 with funds from Thomas N. McCarter (class of 1888) for The Triangle Club – a club that to this day produces and performs musical comedies. The first performance at McCarter, THE GOLDEN DOG, celebrated the 40th anniversary of The Triangle Club and starred Jimmy Stewart who was a sophomore at the University at the time.

For many years, McCarter Theater was used as a pre-Broadway showcase, given its proximity to New York City and large seating capacity.  Some notable plays which got their start at McCarter and ended up on Broadway were OUR TOWN, YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU and BUS STOP.

In 1950, the University assumed ownership of the theater. In addition to plays, McCarter Theater hosts concerts, dance troupes and special events. Every year at Christmas, during the month of December, there are several performances of A CHRISTMAS CAROL and THE NUTCRACKER BALLET. For a photo of McCarter Theater, go to my Photo Gallery, #5.

RAFFLE QUESTION: What play does Charlotte invite Clay to at the Pendleton Theater?


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  1. I just downloaded the book, based on the cover (I know – don’t judge a book…). I work in Firestone and the cover picture immediately caught my eye. I’ll let you know what I think when I finish it!

    • My blogs over the next few days will cover places very familiar to you. And you will probably know the answers to each of the questions following the blogs. Everyone else can just copy your answer. 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to reading this book set in Princeton. I’m a regular at McCarter Theater and love that a trip to the theater is a part of your book. Since I haven’t read the book yet I would have to guess at the play, so I’ll go with my favorite to see every year at McCarter…A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

    Best wishes on your release!

  3. Hi Maria. I just downloaded your book today. I like reading books that are set in my hometown area. I was hunting around TWRP blog for ideas for my own release and happened upon a blog you did. And in it, I think I found the answer to your raffle question.

    Charlotte and Clay saw “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” at the Pendleton Theater.

    Best of luck with your release!


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