DAY FIVE of Kindle Free Days – A Princton Attraction from UNCHAINED MEMORIES (Nassau Hall)

Nassau Hall can be seen through the FitzRandolph Gateway on Nassau Street, not far from Charlotte’s law office in UNCHAINED MEMORIES. Across Nassau Street are many stores and eateries frequented by Clay and Charlotte in their daily lives.

Nassau Hall is the oldest building on the Princeton University campus. Completed in 1756, it was the largest building in America when built. It was named in memory of King William the Third of England who came from the House of Nassau.  Made of light brown sandstone from a nearby quarry, the exterior walls are 26 inches thick which allowed it to survive the occupation of both the British and American troops during the Revolutionary War as well as two devastating fires in 1802 and 1855.

Once used for classrooms as well as dormitories, Nassau Hall is now an administration building housing the office of the University President and other senior academic officials. Two bronze tigers on either side of the front steps were presented in 1911 by Woodrow Wilson’s classmates to replace lions which were deteriorating due to weather. Tigers had also become the symbol of Princeton.

RAFFLE QUESTION:  What are the names of the tigers that sit outside of Nassau Hall?

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  1. This was the toughest question for me to find the answer to so far! According to the Orange Key webpage, the names from left to right while facing the entrance, are “Woodrow” and “Wilson.”

  2. I thought that question would be the easiest to answer. I had fun putting together these blogs containing a little bit of history and I appreciate all who responded and commented.
    The winner of the raffle is Lin. Congratulations, Lin and thanks so much for joining me. I will be sending you the amazon gift card through email, so please look for it.
    Warm regards, Maria


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