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My love of reading dates back to my childhood when I would borrow at least four books from the library every week. During the summer, I would sit in the house and read, until my mother, totally frustrated, would send me outside to play and lock me out. I always found my way back in. However, I must confess, I hated to write. In every English and writing class throughout college, I dreaded trying to be creative. As a friend from law school so aptly put it, “The reason why we’re here is because we don’t have a creative bone in our bodies.”

Despite my dislike of creative writing back then, I embraced legal writing, and was first published in Volume 5 of the Fordham International Law Journal. My article was entitled “In re Mackin: Is the Application of the Political Offense Exception an Extradition Issue for the Judicial or Executive Branch?” I would advise you against reading it, for you will surely fall asleep.

While practicing law as a divorce attorney, I decided to try for some balance in my life and began writing romance. Thankfully, I found my creative bone. Instead of only drafting motions, legal memoranda, and briefs, although fascinating, I started to spend my free time creating memorable characters and taking them on their emotional journeys through my contemporary romance novels.

I am a member of New Jersey Romance Writers and have received many honors for my work including the ACRA Readers’ Choice Heart of Excellence Award, the Wisconsin Romance Writers Write Touch Readers Award, the NEST (National Excellence in Storytelling) Award, the Carolyn Award, the Stiletto Reader's Choice Award, Long & Short Reviews Book of the Month Award, Still Moments Magazine Reader's Choice Award,. the Firebird Award, the Carla Crown Jewel of Books Award, the New England Reader’s Choice Award, the NJ Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award, The RONE Award, Orange County Romance Writers Book Buyers Best Award, N.N. Light's Book Heaven Awards. and Colorado Romance Writers’ Beverley Award,

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New Release

Island Detour

This fish-out-of-water, enemies to lovers story takes place in the sub-tropical Florida Keys where Sophie and Max clash over competing goals-until they don't.


Return to Wylder

Dylan is under pressure to renovate the Wylder Hotel before his father pulls the plug on his project. He needs Emma Jane’s expertise, but she is bent on returning to her life in San Francisco despite the fireworks between them.


Red Velvet Crinkles and Christmas Sprinkles

A reunion story of enemies to lovers, this heartwarming holiday romance will squeeze your heart and bring you joy.


A Song for Another Day

Broadway dreams and country music collide when Jason’s and Gigi’s ambitions get in the way of love.


The Blueberry Swirl Waltz

Ice cream and dance lessons reunite Katie and Chaz in small-town Roebling in 1951, but each of them has a dream which interferes with their budding relationship.


Sworn Sisters Series

Sworn to Fly

Change is not something in Alyssa’s DNA. Traveling the world is Gabe’s life’s work. Can a week at a mountain resort transform these opposites enough to intersect?


Sworn to Remember

Michael spurned his high-powered job in the city for a balanced life, but Samantha’s workaholic ways may just implode their relationship.


Sworn to Forget

Nicki and Dex ignite each other but for her, given events from the past, commitment is out of the question. For him, it’s the only answer.


Dancing in the Sand

When Ava and Brian reunite, their powerful attraction binds them together, but the past holds a secret that even love may not be able to overcome.


Unchained Memories

Philosophical differences over their chosen careers pit Charlotte and Clay against each other, not only in the courtroom but in the bedroom.


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