31 Days to Launch – “Dancing in the Sand”

They say “thrills are much more about anticipation than action.” I’m sure that’s true and I don’t want to wish away the summer–it’s my favorite season. But August 26th is the release date for “Dancing in the Sand,” my second novel to be published. I’m nervous, thrilled, and overwhelmed all at the same time. The critic in me whispers, “What if no one likes it?” The optimist in me shouts back, “Of course someone will like it. You know your mother will.” And that pesky businesswoman stomps on the brakes. “You are so not ready. Did you do all 25 things on your marketing plan? You only have 25?  Did you do 5?”

So here I am on the last day of vacation in Bradley Beach, contemplating the weeks to come before “Dancing in the Sand” is released. I take a breath, smile, and get to work. Maybe I can cross one thing off my marketing plan today.

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  1. Congratulations on novel #2. Boy, do I understand how you’re feeling. Two Hearts in Time (my debut novel) comes out Sept. 4. I have more time and am probably in the same dither you describe. How many of the 25 marketing things have I done? Ahem. I am working at it and have a couple of pre-release local appearances the first week of Aug. It’s been so long since I did public speaking that I’m less than 100% confident. I also have a long history of “just do it” inner dialogue.

    I’m sure you’ll “just do it” too, and your book will be a smashing success. Meanwhile, soak up some sun and sand for me as there is no vacation in my playbook this year.

  2. Congratulations on the upcoming release of your second book. That’s so exciting! By this time for me, I start worrying about anything I’d forgotten or left out. Or maybe I should have changed…. LOL. Just sit back and enjoy the anticipation. After you check out those 25 marketing points 🙂

    • Thanks Barbara. I know you were in the same place last year with your newest book. I have Silverhawk on my Kindle to read and will have to get to it so I can read The Heart of the Phoenix 😊

  3. I think the 25 marketing points TWRP gives us are pretty inclusive. I only have one book out and hope to have another by the end of the year. The one thing that has worked for me as far as promotion is to spend a few minutes every day supporting others on FB, Twitter and some loops. I have made a lot of contacts that way.

  4. The pre-promo stage when most of our time is spent in a state of chaos and panic. Ahhhh, it’s a great feeling.

  5. It’s exciting, scary, wrenching, overwhelming, lol! Since I was in the middle of edits a few months ago for book 4, I hired a personal assistant for two months. She handled the pre-blitz and set-up my facebook party. The best money ever spent! Of course, I was busy with social media, contacting reviewers, and setting up a blog tour, which I started the moment I received my final galley. My mind kept jumping back to edits and praying that I had done everything to launch my new “baby” out into the world. I was pulling on my hair most days. Also, I agree with Angelina, it’s so important to connect with other authors and help them out. So many have helped me on my journey, therefore, I will always “pay it forward” for others. I’m wishing you all the best, Maria! Let us know which marketing point really worked for you, too. Of course, I’ll be there to spread the news about your new book.

    • Hi Mary. Thanks for sharing what you did prior to your latest release. It’s so helpful to hear from our fellow Authors. Congratulations on book 4! That’s wonderful. I’m heading to your website.

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