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Is it ever too late to come home?

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Red Velvet Crinkles and Christmas Sprinkles

Competitive, work-obsessed Bella Simonetti has just been fired from her high-paying job at a Manhattan law firm. At an all-time low, she returns home and helps her parents at their small-town gift shop, but the business is failing and may not make it past the Christmas holidays.

Successful landscape architect Dean Jackson is like a son to Bella's parents. But he's a persistent annoyance to her—he seems to have forgotten his unforgivable blunder thirteen years earlier.

When Bella transforms her parents' gift shop into a cookie cottage, Dean's generosity and magnetic smile are hard to resist, and those feelings of unrequited adolescent love come rushing back. But can Bella let go of the past and accept Dean for the man he is today?


Gigi Jenson, an up-and-coming Broadway star, finds herself in Willow Springs, Vermont, for the summer as director of their first annual community revue. This sleepy town is worlds away from her vibrant and beloved New York City, but the experience she’ll gain will be invaluable to her career.

Jason Simmons has lived in Willow Springs his entire life. Working several jobs while writing music, he yearns for a contract to record his songs. The one chance he had to make it in Nashville he blew due to stage fright.

When Jason volunteers to help Gigi with the revue, sparks ignite but their dreams are taking them in different directions. Will their love for each other ever guide them to the same path?

Sworn Sisters Series


Change is not something in Alyssa’s DNA. Travelling the world is Gabe’s life’s work. Can a week at a mountain resort transform these opposites enough to intersect?


Michael spurned his high-powered job in the city for a balanced life, but Samantha’s workaholic ways may just implode their relationship.


Nicki and Dex ignite each other,  but for her, given events from the past, commitment is out of the question.
For him, it’s the only answer.


Ice cream and dance lessons reunite Katie and Chaz in small-town Roebling in 1951, but each of them has a dream which interferes with their budding relationship.

Dancing in the Sand

When Ava and Brian reunite, their powerful attraction binds them together, but the past holds a secret that even love may not be able to overcome.

Unchained Memories

Philosophical differences over their chosen careers pit Charlotte and Clay against each other, not only in the courtroom but in the bedroom.


MariaImbalzano-Close FINALORDER-03473-Edit (2)

My love of reading dates back to my childhood but, I must confess, I hated to write. In every English class throughout college, I dreaded trying to be creative. It wasn’t until law school that I embraced this art, learning that my forte was analytical, linear writing with a dash of creativity thrown in when arguing my position to the court.

While practicing law as a divorce attorney, I decided to try for some balance in my life and began writing romance. Instead of drafting motions, legal memoranda, and briefs, although fascinating, I started to spend my free time creating memorable characters and taking them on their emotional journeys through my contemporary romance novels.

Creative writing has now become my passion.

I am a member of Romance Writers of America and New Jersey Romance Writers and have received many honors for my work including the ACRA Readers’ Choice Heart of Excellence Award, the Wisconsin Romance Writers Write Touch Readers Award, and the NEST (National Excellence in Storytelling) Award. I finaled in the New England Reader’s Choice Contest, the NJ Romance Writers Golden Leaf Contest, The RONE awards, and Colorado Romance Writers’ Beverley contest.

See what readers have to say:

Heartstring tugging

The second book in this series tugs at every heart string. The women of this series support each other through rough and real life issues. The romance gets a little steamy, but mostly you feel achy for these two to make it. You'll end up rooting for Sam to recover from her ex's betrayal and for Michael to finally find the love he has wanted. Can be read on its own not part of the series. - Kate F. on Amazon

Can both friends, now attoneys, share happy memories or the bitter, painful ones?

After an incredible start to the series, the second book “Sworn to Remember” matches the bar set by “Sworn to Forget”. Sam is a very relatable character, trying to start over after her marriage falls apart. I found myself laughing out loud during the scenes where she experiences a few unfortunate events because of how relatable her reactions were depicted. When Sam meets her love interest, I fell in love with him as well. Ms. Imbalzano writes characters that I felt like I knew personally, and I think many women would find a little piece of Sam inside of them. I give this book 5 stars, more if I could. A great summer beach read. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series to find out how the other friends lives are shaping up. A true story of friendships that stand the test of time, but of course with a little romance that keeps the reader hooked from page 1 to the last. - Alex on Amazon

Perfect Summertime Read!

I loved Sam's story. She was put in a difficult position between a regretful but cheating husband and a man who seemed afraid to commit. In telling the story, the author beautifully incorporated themes of love, loss, and (of course) friendship! The closeness of Sam's friends (the Sworn sisters) is my favorite part of the book! Highly recommend. - Leanne on Amazon

A Romance or Psychological Masterpiece?

Read Sworn to Forget. Then you decide. I began reading, thinking this was going to be a chic read. It didn't take but a few pages to become wrapped in a story woven with fine threads, and twists, that captivated me to the final page when tears flowed from my eyes, tears of joy for Nicki and Dex...and for Author Maria Imbalzano. I wait with anticipation for Sworn to Remember in Sworn Sisters Series Book 2. - Esquire on Amazon

Sweet story about hidden secrets

This emotional ride is more than a simple love story. The story between the women is compelling as well. Their intertwined past becomes their intertwined present. And the love story between the independent woman convinced she’ll never have a family and the man who only ever wanted one sizzles and breaks your heart. But then mends it again, when their hearts are mended by their love for each other. - Kate F. on Amazon

Wonderful Read

I loved reading this book,it keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what could happen next! A lot of twist and turns! Loved this story! Can't wait for next book!😊 - jojo on Amazon

Excellent Reading Material

Great book to read! It held my interest right from the beginning to the very end. I can't wait for the next book in the series. Great job, Maria! Signed, Bev C. on Amazon

Captivating, raw, and unbridled love story!

The trials and tribulations of a relationship while balancing a career, family and friends. A love story so beautiful and sensual that will keep you in a trance til the last line. Couldn't put it down and excited about book 2. - L on Amazon

Dancing in the Sand by Maria Imbalzano

Both sexy and thoughtful; smart and funny, Dancing in the Sand is a great read.

Wow! Maria has exalted the art of the romance novel with her latest book, Dancing in the Sand.
With lines like "Trust kept flying its white flag in her face, and she still refused to surrender" the pleasure of the read is as much in the carefully crafted prose as in the plot and character development. Speaking of plot, Maria brings depth and dimension to the story line from the first to the last page, satisfying not only the reader's wish for the romance to succeed, but also their hope for it to succeed in the context of good outcomes, all around. Both sexy and thoughtful; smart and funny, Dancing in the Sand is a great read. - review on Amazon


The characters drew me in right away, but the beautifully interwoven story lines captured me even more. Ava was real and genuine making what seemed to be 'right' decisions at the time, which only paved a difficult road for her young-adult life. Brian, an impressively handsome, charismatic and rich ivy-league college guy is a typical rogue, but some 7 years later has matured into the high-quality gentleman that Ava needs. I loved the emotional and situational interplay. Happy I read it and look forward to more from Maria I. - D. on Amazon

All I can think about is when will the movie be coming out!!!

I've met the author Maria Imbalzano through local networking. As soon as I finished the book I sent her an email asking if her next book is ready! All I can think about is when will the movie be coming out and who will she get to play Ava and Brian!!! Originally I planned to take it with me on an upcoming trip but when it was delivered I started to read it and picked it up to read every chance I had. That was just a few days ago. I LOVED this book!!! - Ann Laurie on Amazon

A fantastic romance!

The Book Description is more than you need to know the gist of the story and to read the book without knowing too much to spoil reading it. I thought it was a fantastic book. I loved reading about Charlotte and Clay's past friendship and their new found friendship and how it developed into more with it's twists and turns and wondering what would happen next. I thought it was a well written book. It's is a book I will read again. This is the first book I have read by the author and will look to see what else she has written. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK! - Judith on Amazon

An Amazing Emotional Rollercoaster

If you’re looking for an emotion pack story, this is it. You will be swept up in the characters’ lives and you can’t help but have your heart break along the way. The tension around the lawsuit that divides the main characters, coupled with their past, makes this a real page turner. I was rooting for Charlotte and Clay the entire book. It’s so important that I like the characters and I did. The author knows how to ramp up the emotions and being the reader along for a roller coaster of a ride - Kate F. on Amazon

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